Saudi Arabia, Trump, Arms Deal And Gold

by Katherine Frisk: 

What gives this whole story away is a staircase, an escalator in fact, an escalator made of gold with a Saudi King descending on it, and the words “God Bless You” painted on the aircraft from which he has just embarked. Both these glaringly obvious signposts should strike you, as a person living in the real world, as totally ridiculous!

Let’s deal with the “God Bless” you first. This coming from a “kingdom” where billionaires have been funding the most heinous group of “terrorists” that the world has seen since the Rwanda genocide. Not only against  Arabs, but against Muslims as well as many other religious groups, all for the purpose of splitting up Syria and annexing the north to Turkey. the west including the Golan Heights and Damascus to Israel and the east to “Islamic State” ( read Arab Gulf countries,) for oil and gas…

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