(6) Theresa May Activates SECRET PLAN! Details Revealed Here! – YouTube

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  1. Don’t agree.
    This was an simple example of why Muslims are dangerous.

    As for raising the threat level to put troops on the streets?
    It was only up for 4 days, way shorter than it should be.

    Besides, the 800 troops were deployed as simple window dressing to appease the sheeple. That and all the armed LEO’s and troops in the UK couldn’t have stopped this one event or even done anything about the 23,000 on the watch list.

    There just isn’t the political will to crush terrorists or even chuck the bad out.
    The government of the UK is limp wrist, PC, multicultural whatever, and weak because of all that religious tolerence rubbish they have been spouting for years.

    All caused by years of appeasement policy making.

    So if it was to encourage a rage reaction in the population enabling them to go proactive with the support of the people to clear out the bad, that failed too.

    Besides, she ain’t that bright!


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