Manchester False Flag!

Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, MD, PhD

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Manchester by the Sea … of Massive False Flags!

Manchester False Flag!Thanks to the inevitability of politicians’ distress and their collective infamy; citizens of the free world are witness to the falsehoods of failures. Nothing befits a waning popularity more than a requisite false flag.

Witness 9/11 or Sandy Hook or any of the nonsensical scenarios which Eric Holder and his BFF Obama/Clinton arranged in Orlando, San Bernardino and an assortment of other imaginary events that Americans have become inured to as a continuous farce. Now we peddle these faux tragedies in England, France and elsewhere.

Take a mediocre talented ingénue, Ariana Grande, born in the nadir of gauche culture: Boca Raton Florida. This is also the home of the Sandy Hook bereaved parents. Lets allow this MK Ultra starlet to script a false narrative that will probably cost her a not-too-promising career as an entertainer/singer.

Lets’s hire the same girl, Georgina Collinder, who has a photo of her cheeks aligned with Ariana’s and rename her as Jessica Pierpoint. Claim that she has been killed in a Manchester, England suicide bombing by a non-existent British born Libyan terrorist arbitrarily named, ‘Salman Abedi’. Apparently, this benighted individual ostensibly blew himself up in the Manchester Mall, conveniently leaving only his ID intact???.


Once again, the world has to confront the falsehoods of different nation states who resort to the most base, despicable acts of terror by creating artificial/FAKE scenarios of terrorist attacks in order to justify some venal political initiative. The gig is up, those of us that know the truth will shout it out loudly.

At first glance, I could admire Prime Minister Theresa May and Queen Elizabeth. Now, I find them to be pathetic, intimidated characters hanging from puppet strings in a highly contrived “Punch and Judy Show”  orchestrated by the perverted MI6, MI5, CIA and the once lauded British soldiers/bobbies. Nothing befits the waning western powers like England, France, or America more than idiocy conflated with incompetency.

In an age when the media has been relegated to the sidelines of attention and concern, the political elites of those countries are still in search of a meaningful destiny. Truth has become the enemy of the western world.

Lie after lie has been propagated in order to maintain a fake narrative of self-aggrandizement to perpetuate a world domination that no longer is applicable, except in a self-delusional mind. America falls by the wayside of lost and costly wars fought in vain to maintain the exoskeleton of a military industrial crime syndicate. This grand Ponzi Scheme will eventually eviscerate this great country once and for all.

Brexit, like much else of England’s evaporating financial and political clout is at best vaporous, if completely non-existent. Once the UK was a Grand Dame of moral courage during the travails of WWII. Now, England is no longer relevant. Theresa May has brought England down to the level of a barstool where this inebriated country can no longer articulate its goals and raison d’etre. Like America and France, Britain must rely on ersatz bombings and faux atrocities in order to garner sympathy and courage from their surrounding world and to keep up their crime machine of drugs, sex and weapons.

There is within this Manchester tragedy a lesson to be learned. If a country is willing to orchestrate so audacious a false flag as this one, then the country will stop at nothing to really assassinate its own inhabitants as America did in 9/11 [3000+ innocent victims]. There is an epidemic of false flags that belie the underlying desperation of the nation-state confronted by the inherent contradictions of apathy and political involvement.

Apathy begets rampant acts of true violence.

The involved citizens of a country will always recall the traces of hypocrisy and cowardliness of its indigenous protective forces like the military, the police and the intelligence units. In turn, the citizenry will exact a certain undisclosed price for this collective collusion. America fell into a stupor of insolence when it defied the deep state and its diktats regarding whom and what to vote for.

If Trump has not yet awoken to the necessity of veracity and its natural partner: competency of action then he too will befall the fate of a Theresa May. She was once a competent political leader, but now lost in her own desperation. My prayers are that Britain will awaken to their moment of truth and demand an accounting for this false flag, always to be known as, “Manchester By the Sea of False Flags”.

In the words of a savvy Dr. Kevin Barrett [PhD, Arabist] :
“Man, 22, kills 22, on May 22”— spells only one phenomenon: False Flag…lies… lies… and more lies!!

In the words of the defeated WWII Japanese admiral, Isoroku Yamamoto, concerning the nature of truth and war:
“In the first six to twelve months of a war, with the United States and Great Britain I will run wild and win victory. But then, if the war continues after that, I have no expectation of success.”

Props to @surfinwav Zach Wells 4 giving me a heads up!  Follow him, he is wise.

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  1. Meu Deus! Isso é terrível e me custa a acreditar que esses governos são tão vil ao ponto de inventar atentados,matar pessoas inocentes só para conseguirem o que querem. Que Deus abençoe o mundo.


  2. I`m going to be even more controversial . Since the end of the second world war when millions of people suffering from pernicious anemia caused by the generational use of nitrous oxide gas which switches off the body`s ability to utilise vitamin b12 and this can be permanently causing pernicious anemia plus the use of vitamin b12 lowering pharma drugs and vaccines were rounded up by the Vatican funded Nazi paedophiles and placed in ” Protective Custody ” it seems that no lessons were learned by the delusional medical world who simply carried on as though nothing had happened . The NHS was launched and generations were given nitrous oxide gas and vitamin b12 lowering pharma drugs and vaccines and then thousands of children with pernicious anaemia were harvested by the sadistic “Child Protection ” gestapo . Their vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms / pernicious anemia is being deliberately prolonged in ” care ” in order to cause further needless illness and disability to supply unscrupulous delusional medical frauds. They are being ferried from one mystery doctor to another in ” care ” and are being forced to take unwanted dangerous vitamin b12 lowering pharma drugs and vaccines without their consent and without their parents permission .
    Mothers have been kept deliberately vitamin b12 deficient in order to cause them to have pre term low weight babies . Children born with a low birth weight are prone to having an unnaturally early puberty which can effect children as young as two and can cause six month old babies to have a false puberty . Nitrous oxide gas which is not suitable for use on mammals causes neurological damage to the brains of babies causing neural connections to get cross wired effecting sexual development . Forceps used during birth damage the optic nerve of babies which effects the hypothalamic function of the brain which controls body temperature regulation and effects the pituitary gland ( master gland ) which controls sex hormone and behavior . An imbalance in sex hormone causes premature puberty . The x-raying of babies heads causes premature puberty as well as microcephaly and learning difficulties . Generations of these babies and children have been getting harvested by social services and have been sexually abused and then handed to sex offenders posing as foster carers and adoptive parents . They have been used like laboratory monkeys by delusional medical professionals working for pharma drug companies . They have been tortured . They have been murdered .
    One thing that stands out is that whenever there is a major event lots of brand new shiny ambulances turn up and yet these ambulances are not available when joe bloggs needs one . The NHS has allowed Harold Shipman to murder hundreds of people and has allowed surgeons to perform needless and disfiguring operations such as the removal of hundreds of womens breasts for no reason yet they cannot identify the symptoms of iron and vitamin b12 deficiency . The normal b12 serum level has been set unusually low in the UK compared to other more advanced countries who are not using this deficiency to groom babies and children for the purpose of ritual sexual abuse in the ” care ” industry . A patient has to be nearly dead before their GP will treat with vitamin b12 and even then will only use the inactive form hydroxycobalamin . For anyone who has an inborn error of metabolism caused by the generational use of nitrous oxide gas and vitamin b12 lowering pharma drugs and vaccines hydroxycobalamin may not work . These patients which includes the stolen children need an active form of b12 called methylcobalamin which was reserved for the private sector in the disturbing child protection report which was endorsed by the BBC / Ed Balls and Andy Burnham ( the new mayor for Greater Manchester ) among others after the stench of the Saville scandal started to come up through the floor boards . Doctors in the private sector have been able to take advantage of the methylcobalamin monopoly and cash cow which was created and are now able to charge upwards of £100 per shot for methylcobalamin which should only cost around 70p per dose .
    Children are being deliberately neurologically damaged in order to create funds for SEN education . The child protection process which was written by Lord Laming a psychiatric social worker who took over from Saville has been designed to be as disturbing as is inhumanly possible in order to induce the appearance of trauma and fear in children suffering with vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms which has created fraudulent funds for CAMHS .
    It looks like our health service has the lowest standards imaginable compared to modern countries . They have become such a drain on the country that they have to cause injury and disability to keep the fraud going . Many of them need arresting and given life sentences .


  3. I cannot understand why everyone involved in ACORN FOSTERING LTD. including Obama have not yet been arrested for child trafficking. As for that young woman who is headlining tonight’s concert in Manchester, probably the least I say about her the better. I would have thought that kind of show would not really be appropriate for young children.


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