Putin Warns The World, The Global Economy Is About To Change – Episode 1296

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Source: Putin Warns The World, The Global Economy Is About To Change – Episode 1296 |

Job numbers are in and they are terrible. More people have left the job market but the unemployment number decreased to 4.3%. The US is now at full employment but these are part-time jobs and there are millions without jobs. Stores are continually closing, auto sales are declining at the same time everyone is employed. GDP now is forecasting a 4% growth rate for this year, completely impossible but this is the plan to show the old system doesn’t work and to crash the system at the same time. Putin is warning the world that the global economy is about to change .Kathy Griffin is now playing the victim card as venues cancel her shows. The world is reeling from Trump removing the US from the Paris Climate Accord. The deep state is now desperate and is planning to retaliate to punish the US in not following what they want to do. EU says they will not renegotiate the deal. Trump is thinking about removing the sanctions from Russia, but will do it at the right time. NATO is now participating in the campaign against the IS. The deep state plans are going south and they are losing everything they have been working for.

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