What Trump Is About To Do With The Banks Is Not What You Think – Episode 1305

Source: What Trump Is About To Do With The Banks Is Not What You Think – Episode 1305 |

X22 Report

Sears might be closing down their stores in Canada. Kellogg’s is laying off more employees than originally thought. Today in America there are only 35% businesses that are not profitable. 40% young adults are living with their parents. Retail store closures have skyrocketed to over 286%.Consumer price index has surged. Goldman has started covering bitcoin. Russia has met with the developer of Ethereum they are thinking about using block chain technology in their currency. Trump lays out plan to overhaul the banking regulation, this is to allow the banks bury themselves. Trump met with Yellen and he is using reverse psychology asking for rates to go lower. Obamacare is losing another 2 million people, they are not signing up because it is to expensive.  Sessions was being questioned about meeting with Russians, this is a dead end.   After 6 months there is no evidence of Russian collusion. North Korea released an American citizen and is transporting this individual back to the US. The President is meeting with the President of South Korea. USS Carl Vinson is headed back to Pearl Harbor. Syria has taken the border and is now controlling it. Tillerson says Trump has no authorization to strike Syrian, Russian or Iranian troops.

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