Leftist Fantasies Of Bloody Violence Now Becoming The New Reality

Source: Leftist Fantasies Of Bloody Violence Now Becoming The New Reality

By P Gosselin

U.S. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was seriously wounded by a loony leftist gunman, who obviously had been driven over the edge by all the recent hate signals coming from a violence-inciting media.

However, all the left-wing environmental violence just didn’t start yesterday, or since Trump started his campaign. It has in fact been energetically brewing for years. We’ve been warning about it for a long time. Especially skeptics of alarmist climate science bear witness to this. For example an Austrian professor not long ago called for the execution of climate deniers.

Before that, in 2010, a video of pornographic violence produced by the 10 10 climate activism campaign and Richard Curtis fantasized of blowing up climate skeptics:

The message: people who refuse to accept global warming dogma need to be dehumanized, blown up and discarded with the trash. Today these disturbing fantasies of violence are becoming the new reality.

In 2007 Greenpeace featured an angry kid, who used highly threatening language aimed at adults who declined to agree to all radical carbon emissions reductions. Give in to our demands, or we’ll throw a tantrum like you’ve never seen.

That kid has since grown up, and we’ll note that none of his scripted “by the time I grow up” catastrophe scenarios have come to pass. Ironically the one prediction that has come true is that they “won’t be cute“. Today’s youth are resorting to a level of political violence and destruction not seen in generations.

Recently, Australian climate skeptic journalist Andrew Bolt was attacked as well. The list of attacks on skeptics is endless.

Severed heads, “blood in the streets”

On the political front, things have caught up and surpassed the viciousness we’ve seen in climate science. Far more disturbing was Grammy award-winning comedian Kathy Griffin holding up a model severed head looking like Donald Trump.

Yesterday Breitbart provided a list of 15 examples of celebrities envisioning violence against the GOP or President Trump.

Even former Department of Justice head Loretta Lynch hinted at “blood in the streets“.

Germany’s AfD party under constant violent attack

Leftist violence is not exclusive to the USA, but is worrisomely real in Germany. The right wing AfD party – a completely legal and totally legitimate party – has been physically attacked numerous times by leftist thugs. The media mostly ignores it all, and thus give the green light for the violence to continue.

Justice by thugs

In April one AfD politician was beaten with a board by a lunatically radicalized 18 year-old. Such attacks are often viewed with glee and snickers of delight in Germany. Alternative views and opinions are no longer tolerated in the land of “poets and thinkers”, where one can be in favor of intergenerational relationships, communism, Sharia law, etc. but must avoid expressing support for strong borders, Brexit or the US President.

Even hotels and establishments providing hosting services for AfD events are singled out and violently attacked. Die Welt here writes how one establishment owner had to shut down:

Doors were vandalized, tires punctured, horse manure sprayed: After massive threats an innkeeper in Schleswig Holstein closed his business. He had rented rooms to the AfD for an election campaign party.”

The list of attacks on the right wing party is long as well, and all carried out by radical leftists with the full blessing or tolerance of “mainstream” parties and media.

It’s time to call for a march of tolerance in Washington, and an end to the political posse that’s been unleashed by the left.

– See more at: http://notrickszone.com/2017/06/15/leftist-fantasies-of-bloody-violence-becoming-the-new-reality/#sthash.lLDmE8rX.dpuf

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