Loaned Wolf Shoots Congressman Scalise!

Source: Loaned Wolf Shoots Congressman Scalise! – STEVE PIECZENIK TALKS

By Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, MD, PhD

Unpredictable tragedy!?? Doubt it!

Loaned Wolf Shoots Congressman Scalise!In 1969, one of my long-term patients at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington D.C. asked me if he could leave Richardson Ward for a weekend pass. I asked him why he was hospitalized in this federal psychiatric hospital. He understood why I was asking the question. He sheepishly answered: “But I am much better now!”

“True,” I replied but added, “Why did the Secret Service bring you to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital?”

“Because I threatened to kill the President!”

“And what else?” I asked.

“I made a mistake and shot someone instead.”
“How many people did you kill?”

“ A few… not a lot..” patient replied, hesitantly.

“You shot thirteen people in cold blood.”
The patient did not respond. He eventually died on that ward from presumably natural causes. The patient’s fate was determined by his own actions and the reactions of the stalwart Secret Service who had to monitor any and all possible ‘aberrant behavior’ and ‘miscreant activities’ among the Washington DC population [and nation].

The tragic shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise [R-LA] by James Hodgkinson underscores how freakish these type of incidents really are. The story goes that James was a loner from Belleville, Illinois. The narrative continues that he was a strong Bernie Sanders supporter. He also worked on Bernie’s presidential campaign. Ironically, Bernie believed in gun control. Unfortunately, James was able to purchase a rifle and gun with the proper ID. Police in his hometown had warned him not to shoot his gun around his quiet suburban neighborhood.

We are led to believe that nothing in this narrative indicates a calculating assassin who went out of his way to scout out Congressman Steve Scalise’s routines and activities. Why Scalise from the state of Louisiana? Is there more info that we need to understand regaring this incident? Does the public understand the congressman’s strong stance against child trafficking. What else is going on in the Swamp currently? Sessions hearings among other things.

There is no question in my mind that Mr. Hodgkinson spent over a month in Virginia monitoring the behavior and activities of the third most powerful Republican congressmen. The assailant knew how to target a large number of Republican Congressmen practicing baseball for a charity event in Virginia, a state into which he had purposefully moved into in order to execute a mass killing of Republicans or other targets of opportunity [baseball field in Alexandria, Va.].

In the words of Dr. Rand Paul [R-KY]:

“The field was basically a KILLING FIELD! Thanks to the brave actions of the Capitol Police they prevented many deaths.”

So who might be responsible in this particular tragedy? In principle, one would have to say that no one is really culpable. However as usuaI, I have to add a qualifier.

The state of Virginia prides itself on a tight gun control and efficient law enforcement. I beg to differ with their carefully crafted “faux image”. For most of you who have driven North on Interstate 95, you know that the minute one crosses from the North Carolina border, a bevy of Virginia State Troopers are ready to hand out a series of speeding tickets. Va. knows very well how to entrap speeders so they can collect an ungodly sum of money for nothing more than an attempt by a motorist to adjust to the new speed limit.

Virginia has a much bigger problem especially Alexandria Va.  According to the NYT article [6/14/17] the killer had formed a personal relationship with William D. Euilee, Alexandria’s Democrat mayor. The mayor said: “He seemed like a loner. But very nice”.

No problem there. No fault here.

However, if I had not had an odious experience with the Alexandria/VA State Police, I would not have made mention of it.

A few years ago, I was stopped by an Alexandria Va. police woman who had to check my hand luggage after TSA cleared me through the metal detector. I accidentally carried a weapon on the plane but TSA waved me on so I thought I was in good hands.

My weapon was registered and I had a license to carry any weapons I deemed appropriate. At the time, I was working for DOD gratis so I had a DOD pass to enter the Pentagon. Despite TSA telling the cop I was OKAY she decided to search me in the airport. I laughed to myself, realizing that both stupidity and an overactive ambition are the two virtues of incompetence. She asked me what kind of weapon I was carrying. So I pushed a button and allowed the six inch blade to snap out its Corsican ivory socket. It was a stiletto, a standard weapon that I take with me in all overseas assignments.

The cop knew that but didn’t care. She was under control by a different entity. So I was forced to show up at a hearing of judicial incompetency complete with young inexperienced Va. prosecutor and a mumbling judge. Subsequently, I went to see my lovely probation officer. After a discussion concerning her son’s entrance into the military after 9/11, I advised that he had better opportunities than volunteering for an unnecessary war spurred on by a false flag event. She told me that I should run for president.

After thousands of dollars in lawyer’s fees, I was assigned twenty-five hours of community service. Such is the fate of those of us who want to serve a country where absurdity and corruption reeks all over the law enforcement institutions. Don’t forget: During my first year of “blogging” I was served a subpoena by the FBI and Federal prosecutors under the Obama administration. Harassment comes in many forms. In my case it was threat of arrest on bogus charges or forcing me to spend in excess of $30K in legal fees. In other cases, its death threats, blackmail and extortion.

I wish all of those good people who had been wounded, a speedy recovery.  As Dr. Rand Paul noted: “It could have been worse!”

Steve Jobs, founder of Apple said the following:
“I believe life is an intelligent thing: that things aren’t random.” 


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