Derangement And Danger On The Potomac

Source: by David Stockman via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity

The horrific shooting spree on the practice field of the GOP’s congressional baseball team happened early yesterday morning, but it was hardly the end of Wednesday’s madness on the Potomac.

As it happened, the former was apparently another random eruption by of one of America’s sicko lone wolves — a wretch in the same league as South Carolina church killer, Dylann Roof. Notwithstanding that the latter had littered the nether regions of the internet with racist rantings while the former was apparently a prolific Never Trumper left-winger, neither represented a real threat to the nation’s equanimity — even if they did bring a savage rain of violence to bear on those unfortunate dozens caught in their immediate line of fire.

Not so for the 325 million American citizens who were pounded upon during the balance of the day by the allegedly “sane” Imperial City officialdom which rules the roost in America.

Specifically, we have in mind Janet Yellen’s hideous presser in which she declared “mission accomplished” and that the US economy is blessed with “solid fundamentals” that are getting ever stronger. And in the same vein of unreality, there soon came the Senate’s 97-2 vote to smack the Donald in his ample jaws and impose even more sanctions on Russia, thereby bringing the nation another step closer to the brink of war and bankruptcy.

Let us unpack this. The American people are being brought to ruin by three institutions that are mortal threats to liberty and prosperity. To wit, the Federal Reserve, the military/industrial/surveillance complex and a sinecured Congress that is burying unborn generations in debt — even as it sanctimoniously presumes that it is doing god’s work by servicing the beltway racketeers who keep it perpetually in office.

On the latter score, it is worth reminding once again. An incumbent House member standing for reelection has a smaller chance of losing his seat than did a Politburo member during the heyday of the post-war Soviet Union.

So it is no wonder that the Congress is filled by Warfare State lifers like Senator John McCain. This senile old fool appears to believe that he is some kind of latter day proconsul of the American Empire — who struts around Washington spreading bellicose lies and flagrant exaggerations about Washington’s self-created enemies.

So doing, McCain helps to keep the Imperial City enthrall to the defense contractors and military and intelligence bureaucracies that he champions out of sheer will to power and ornery bloodlust.

Not surprisingly, therefore, McCain was one of the principal authors and movers behind this week’s latest spasm of anti-Russia hysteria. The bill would impose new sanctions against Russia “in response to the violation of the territorial integrity of the Ukraine and Crimea, its brazen cyber-attacks and interference in elections, and its continuing aggression in Syria,” according to the deal’s sponsors.

Everyone of these assertions are blatant lies, of course. Russia is in Syria at the behest of its constitutionally established government; it is the CIA and its stooges among the Persian Gulf states which provides arms and billions to the head-chopping jihadist radicals, who are the real aggressors in what is now a desolate land of ruin and refugees.

Likewise, it was Washington’s aggression — via funding and political support — in February 2014 that led to a coup on the streets of Kiev and the overthrow of its honestly elected President. The latter made the “mistake” of spurning NATO and the EU in favor of a more palatable economic deal with Moscow — its historic suzerain.

Moreover, it was the virulent anti-Russian neo-Nazi putsch — handpicked by the US Ambassador to Ukraine — that led to insurrection against the Kiev regime in the historically Russian-speaking Donbas and Crimea regions; and then to the 90 percent referendum vote of the latter to rejoin Russia, which it had been an integral part of for more than 160 years after 1783.

As for Russian “interference” in the 2016 elections in America — the very idea of it is ludicrous. The overwhelming source of “influence” in the American election process is the respective political parties, the legions of self-interested lobbies and PACs and the mainstream media and cable channels, which are overwhelmingly and irrationally anti-Putin.

So where did this nefarious “influencing” come from? The RT television network?

Puleese! Your editor can attest to having appeared on that network several times and to have attacked with some vigor the three rotten American institutions mentioned above—the Fed, the military/industrial/surveillance complex and the Congress.

But never once did we get any instructions from the Russians on the formulation of our broadsides. We thunk ’em up all on our own!

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