Trump Strikes Back-The War Is On 

Source: The Common Sense Show I have previously and correctly asserted that President Trump has lost control of his foreign policy. The state of affairs with regard to what is happening with North Korea, Syria, the Russian border with Eastern Europe… Read More ›

The Assault on Trump 

Source: Paul Craig Roberts We are witnessing an assault by the national security state and its liberal media on a President of the United States that is unprecedented. Wild and unsupported accusations of treasonous or illegal Russian connections have been the… Read More ›

The Perils of Complacency 

Source: The Daily Reckoning, by im Rickards Even after Wednesday’s stock market rout, more analysts are referring to current stock index levels as a “bubble.” I’m one of them, although I make the point that bubbles can last a long time and… Read More ›

Rosenstein Joins the Posse 

Source: Buchanan.org, by Patrick Buchanan “With the stroke of a pen, Rod Rosenstein redeemed his reputation,” writes Dana Milbank of The Washington Post. What had Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein done to be welcomed home by the Post like the prodigal son? Without… Read More ›