Viva Cuba Libre!

From Acting Man, by Bill Bonner Democratic Fantasy BALTIMORE – Fidel Castro was regarded as a revolutionary and a “change agent.” But he is better understood as a throwback, more of a counter-revolutionary than a real revolutionary. The real revolution… Read More ›


Source: The Burning Platform blog, by Jim Quinn The statistics in the chart below are representative of every Democrat controlled urban shithole city in America. Obama and his anti-gun activist minions are peddling a false narrative about guns because they… Read More ›

The Three Harpies are Back!

From Counter Punch by PEPE ESCOBAR Those were the days when Libya (“We came, we saw, he died”) offered to the world a full-blooded humanitarian imperialist spectacle starring Three American Harpies: Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power and Susan Rice, actually four… Read More ›